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Learn Non-QM While You Close Non-QM Loans

There is plenty of time to start closing non-QM loans and see your volume increase throughout the rest of 2022. We have many originators closing their very first non-QM loans with us right now. The majority of these originators are bringing deals to us that involve real estate investors and self-employed borrowers. Our Bank Statement loan for self-employed borrowers and no income Investor Cash Flow for real estate investors are getting these deals closed without requiring tax returns.

How do you close these loans if you don’t know what they are? Let us educate you while you close them!

Start Learning Non-QM While Actively Promoting Non-QM:

  1. Prospect for non-QM borrowers using our marketing flyers – We have them created and ready for approved brokers to use. Add your logo, company information and send them out to referral partners.
  2. Schedule meetings with your Realtors – Invite your account executive and have them bring our non-QM presentation to present on your behalf. Ask them to refer all self-employed borrowers and real estate investors to you because you have access to these loan products.
  3. Join our non-QM product webinars – Register today for our next one in July.

How do you get those flyers?

Approved brokers with login credentials can click here for access to our flyers.

Not approved?
Talk to your account executive today about becoming an approved broker with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions and start using the benefits towards protecting your earning potential.