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Learn From The Top To Get To The Top

We were excited to host a one of a kind, unique webinar featuring our Top Producers! The best way to learn HOW to succeed in anything is to hear from the pros – the people who are top of their game and know every aspect of their business. For us that would be our panel of Top Producers who have mastered non-QM and closed almost $2 billion in volume since 2019 with almost 4,000 loans.

You will learn:

  • How to get more business from Realtors
  • How to reciprocally give business back to Realtors
  • What differentiates Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions from other lenders
  • Ways to increase your volume using non-QM products
  • How to structure deals that will get approved and close
  • Why our strong brand presence in the market is a smart alignment for your business
  • How we support you in a number of ways for optimal volume growth

Our panel of non-QM experts:

Steve Arnold | Carlos Betancourt | Gigi Bronstrup | Chris Farruggio | Stacy Flanigan | Scott Gruebele | Bob Hutchens | Tom Hutchens | Eric Morgenson | Eric Olson | Jill Polce | Chris Taylor

Previously Aired on May 18th, 2021