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Increase Your Volume With A Winning Team

Competition, teamwork and triumph! All the things we love about football season and Angel Oak. When you’re placing bets you always choose the team with the best record. Coaches want the best recruits out there. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has top notch skilled players with THE BEST ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES IN THE BUSINESS, and we continue to hire top talent as we grow. Our operations team can’t be beat with every day strong play in the trenches. Our culture, people and service keep us ahead of the competition. 

What is your game plan that provides you with an advantage over the opposition? Still not using non-QM but want to grow your business further? It’s time for a new play. If your plan is missing something and you’re not where you want to be, non-QM could be the strategy you are missing!​

We are THE #1 LEADER IN NON-QM dominating the field in the industry. 

Bank Statement

No Tax Returns For Self-Employed

Non-QM Platinum Jumbo

For Borrowers Who Miss Prime

No Income Investor Cash Flow

No Doc DSCR Qualifies on Cash Flow

Full Doc Portfolio Select

One Year Seasoning For Foreclosures, Short Sale And Two Years For Bankruptcy

Call us today with your loan scenarios and keep your end goal in sight.