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In This Market You Win Some And You Lose Some

NREP’s latest video brought to you by Brian Stevens is a MUST watch! First, it’s so very entertaining as always. Second, it tells a story of a mortgage company that ignored the demands of the market and just a few days ago announced they are exiting the mortgage market. Over a hundred people will lose their jobs. Is your company next? Do not expect to leave with a sense of doom because Brian also shares that in the same time period, just a few days ago, another mortgage company announced that they doubled their growth in volume in the past year in the same mortgage market with the same folks in the industry. That mortgage company is us! Let’s recap. Provident Financial folded their mortgage business because they did not change and meet the demands of the market. They cut operation costs. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions doubled profits by listening to the demands and offering the products their audience wants. People needed non-QM loan options to purchase a home. No one was offering these types of loans and the mortgage industry was not going to thrive without them. Give your customers what they want. It might mean changes and adding loan products to your mix. We think we know which story ending you want. So give us a call and find out how you too can double your profits.

Edsel Ford? How does he fit in and what does he have in common with Angel Oak? Brian will tell you. Watch the video and find out.

Watch the video and find out.