AO Experts Speak On The Importance Of Non-QM

Angel Oak’s Eric Morgenson, business development, and Dennis Colon, regional vice president of sales, recently spoke at AIME Fuse 2018 on the importance of non-QM. Eric made an excellent point that despite anyone’s socioeconomic or education level those with grit thrive and are incredibly successful. There is a succinct correlation between grit and being motivated to succeed. He referenced this for all of those sitting at AIME Fuse on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October because they are serious about their career in the mortgage industry.

Another excellent point made is that anyone serious about their mortgage career has to get serious about utilizing non-QM. Angel Oak underwrites loans with common sense and adhering to strict regulations. We have done our due diligence to make sure the borrower can repay their loan.

We are the largest nonbank originator of non-QM. We go about the business of non-QM the right way. Watch this recording of Eric and Dennis at AIME and hear straight talk on how we work and the importance of proof of income, oversight and regulation. The non-QM market is still very under-served meaning there is so much potential out there.

Find out what it means to be gritty! Are you gritty? Watch the video and find out!