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How To Use QuickQual

Quick Qual Tutorial

QuickQual is our proprietary automated underwriting engine designed to make the non-QM loan process even easier for originators. A great feature about our system that sets us apart from other lenders is that it has a personal connection. Each time an originator submits information using QuickQual the decision and information goes straight to the account executive. This way the review process, action items needed, and feedback are started right away. Once information is uploaded in QuickQual a response is sent within a few minutes – no more waiting 24 hours for an answer.

The process of using our system is quick and easy. Here are the steps below and there is a YouTube tutorial included as well. 

  1. Begin with QuickQuote to find out which program is right for your borrower using our calculator.
  2. Select the program and rate and complete a few easy steps that includes:
    1. Entering email address
    2. Selecting your account executive
    3. Uploading the 3.2 loan data file
    4. Reissuing Credit
  3. Wait a few minutes for your answer! Your account executive gets it at the same time and starts the process.

That’s it!  Quick and efficient making non-QM loans as easy as conventional. This is another way we continue to provide phenomenal customer service and getting your borrower to the closing table as fast as possible. 

Want a quick tutorial before giving it a try? This YouTube video is short and helpful: 


Ready to submit and get started? Here is the link forQuickQual: