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Have You Received A CTC Within Five Days For Your Borrower?

Our Bank Statement mortgage loans close as easy and fast as an Agency loan. This is good news since a significant number of self-employed borrowers have closed loans with us – in fact, our Bank Statement loan is our most highly utilized product.

Each week our account executives are congratulating their clients for receiving a CTC within five to eleven days. The process is simple and the closings are quick. Easy commission!

Add this volume to your bottom line simply by prospecting for self-employed borrowers. If they can’t use their tax returns to qualify, we will take either their personal or business account statements and get it done!


·       CTC typically falls between five and eleven days
·       Bank statement review team analyzes statements, calculates and determines income upfront for you
·       12 or 24 months of personal or business account statements
·       Loans up to $3 million
·       90% LTV, no MI
·       Credit scores starting at 640

We’d like to congratulate you next for receiving a quick CTC on your bank statement deal.