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Have A Borrower With A 1031 Exchange?

With tax season extended until May 17th, many borrowers still have it on their minds. This is a great time to remind your real estate investor clients that our no income Investor Cash Flow product is an easy and quick loan to help them with a 1031 exchange. Many use a 1031 to avoid a taxable event from selling another property where they relinquish the property and exchange it for an equally or higher valued property to tax defer the sale amount.

Borrowers must meet a specific timeframe and an efficient closing is imperative. Make sure you have the right lending partner to get it done. We do not require tax returns or employment information. Investors qualify based on rental analysis to determine cash flow. We also have full doc options for investors such as Platinum Jumbo and Portfolio Select. Call with your scenario and we will get started on the right loan solution. 

​​No Income Investor Cash Flow Highlights:

  • Loans up to $1.5 million
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Credit scores down to 640
  • Qualification based on property cash flow
  • Minimum DSCR 1.0
  • No DSCR needed with minimum 700 FICO and max 70% LTV
  • SFR, PUDs, townhomes, non-warrantable and warrantable condos, 2-4 units