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Get New Business By Getting Back To Basics

We understand the challenge in finding business in the mortgage industry today. Originations are down, Agency business has declined, and that means finding a new source of prospects. A complex market like this one calls for simple solutions. Get back to the basics meeting face to face, networking and ask for referrals. Be specific about the borrower types you can help. For instance, let CPAs and wealth advisors know that you offer loan solutions for self-employed borrowers. Right now you might be thinking, “I do?” and the answer is yes, you do! You offer an excellent Bank Statement program through Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions.

Start the conversation around non-QM through:

  • Professionally created non-QM presentations – we have them ready to go!
  • Marketing flyers for approved brokers to brand with their company information and send out. Ask your account executive how to access these.
  • Face to face meetings, networking events, and webinars hosted by you and your Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions account executive promoting yourself as a go-to for specific borrower types.

Call us today on how to get back to the basics to begin new relationships, strengthen the ones you have, and bring something of value they can then in turn share with their clients.

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