Get To Know Your Account Executive – Brian Head

Brian Head is your account executive you have come to trust as an expert and reliable consultant supporting brokers and correspondents. We would like you to get to know him even better!

Brian is an account executive in Southern California. He has been in the mortgage industry for 30 years making him an excellent resource for all of his clients. Brian says he loves Angel Oak because, “Angel Oak provides the best marketing, underwriting and leadership support. We are the best in the industry!”

Brian says his background is a potpourri of sorts. He was in real estate sales right out of college and ran that course for about four years. He then went into the fitness industry and stayed for 10 years becoming general manager and running the 2nd largest producing club with 24 Hour Fitness. He left for the mortgage industry and has been very successful!

In his spare time, he enjoys helping his dad with his business in building and servicing vintage Go-Karts. Brian and his son have their own Go-Kart and they race competitively all over Southern California. He loves the Raiders as his favorite sports team and enjoys a variety of music. 

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