Get To Know Your Account Executive – Mary Moehring

You know Mary Moehring, an account executive here at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, as an expert and reliable consultant supporting brokers and correspondents. We would like you to get to know her even better! 

Mary is a top producer here at Angel Oak with 16 years in the real estate and non-QM space. Angel Oak is a leader in the non-QM space with repeated record growth in volume. Mary says that is because “Angel Oak is a pioneer in mortgage innovation which translates to growth opportunity and sustainability. I love everything about that.” 

Mary has an extensive background in the mortgage industry starting in 2002. She was first in the class Amy Brandt, now CEO of Docutech Corporation, launched for college graduates wanting a career in the mortgage industry. She was going strong in 2007 at Equifirst when the market crashed. Because she is strong, Mary endured losing everything and returned to the industry working for the leader in the non-conforming space. She is happy to be back and we are happy to have her!

She lists three favorite hobbies. They are golf, golf, and golf. Her favorite band is Above and Beyond and she cheers for her Alma Mater the USC Trojans. She has an entrepreneurial spirit once owning a swimsuit line that graced magazine covers and debuted in fashion shows from Los Angeles to London.

Mary can help you grow your business through non-QM options as another way to keep your pipelines full. For more information about our services visit

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