Get To Know Your Account Executive – Brent Willis

You know Brent Willis, an account executive here at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, as an expert and reliable consultant supporting brokers and correspondents. We would like you to get to know him even better!

Brent is a top producer here at Angel Oak with a decade in the real estate and non-QM space. Angel Oak has enjoyed significant growth and has set records in volume this year. Brent says that is due to “Our loan process and the commitment to excellence in all areas. Our programs, process and a relentless customer service focus all work together making us accountable, flexible and reliable.

Brent knows a thing or two about the mortgage industry. He has owned a mortgage company, along with three other companies as well, that he eventually sold. He has been a retail mortgage loan officer, real estate developer and investor. He enjoys the start-up environment and helping other company owners and their sales teams grow revenue through deploying sales and marketing strategies. 

His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and most any other outdoor activity. He is an avid bow hunter, bird hunter, sport and fresh water fishing. When he isn’t hunting or fishing he is tomahawk chopping with his favorite sports team the Atlanta Braves.


Brent can help you grow your business through non-QM options as another way to keep your pipelines full. For more information about our services visit

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