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Finance of America Loan Officer Brad Trinkwon Shares Effective Strategies on How To Grow Non-QM Business

In partnership with National Mortgage Professional (NMP), we had the pleasure of interviewing Brad Trinkwon for their Non-QM Mastery video series. Brad has had tremendous success closing non-QM with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. In this short one and a half minute video, Brad shares the benefits of marketing to real estate agents. 

Not only is non-QM in demand today because many borrowers can’t qualify for a loan without it, but it provides a ticket into the door of real estate offices with something of value to offer. Once they hear that they can help people who maybe they have turned away in the past, the lightbulb goes off. The interaction is amazing, and relationships are strengthened thanks to non-QM!

Brad and many other originators have found that by closing non-QM with us, they have grown their business with tried and proven tactics and strategies used to harness the power of non-QM. Be sure to check out the video below so you can learn how to close more non-QM too! 

Watch This Video And Learn Tips To Grow Your Business!

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