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CrossCountry Mortgage, Cedric Burke, Loan Officer, Addresses Agency Fall-Out Using Non-QM

In partnership with National Mortgage Professional (NMP), we had the pleasure of interviewing Cedric Burke for their Non-QM Mastery video series. Cedric has saved many Agency fall-out deals using non-QM. He talks to Andrew Berman with Non-QM Mastery about why deals fall-out and how he addresses it using non-QM as the solution. Save more deals like Cedric does. This is going to be increasingly more important as the Agency market continues to shrink.
Cedric and many other originators have found that by closing non-QM with us, they have grown their business with tried and proven tactics and strategies used to harness the power of non-QM. 

Watch This Video And Learn Tips To Grow Your Business!

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