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Changes to Fannie Mae guidelines makes Investor Cash Flow Loans More Important

Real estate will be a top choice to invest in this year which is great news for investors. There are changes, though, that your investor clients need to know before they go to get a loan.

Fannie Mae no longer allows borrowers to qualify using the proposed rental income on non-owner occupied purchases unless they have a minimum of one year as a landlord. This means that a non-QM solution such as our Investor Cash Flow product will be crucial for some property investors to start to build their portfolios. We allow proposed rent with NO landlord experience!

Don’t let them miss out on a great property! Call us first about our Investor Cash Flow product that can get your client to the closing table quickly.

Our rates are 30 year fixed – not ARMs – across all Angel Oak programs
Reduced rates for Investor Cash Flow for LTV’s lower than 75%
Up to 85% LTV with no M
Minimum credit score down to 640
No DSCR with a 65% LTV or Less
Loans up to $1.5 million
Experience the difference and get MORE with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions.