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Originators Are Celebrating Wins Using Non-QM

If you are trying to figure out where your next loan is coming from, give us a call! We have helped originators add a number of loans to their books just recently.

Here are examples of how non-QM has closed additional business:

  • An originator simultaneously closed three different investment properties at once for one real estate investor. Our DSCR Investor Cash Flow loan got it done!
  • A non-warrantable condo save with a CTC issued in just five days is a win! This loan for a condo purchase started out with another lender and did not meet Fannie / Freddie guidelines. This fall-out situation was saved using our DSCR Investor Cash Flow loan.
  • An agency fall-out situation for a self-employed borrower is one we see a lot. Once again, we saved another one just last month with our Bank Statement loan. This deal was issued a CTC in three days!
  • One of our originator clients learned how to utilize our Bank Statement product and we just celebrated his fifth loan this year!
  • Twenty non-QM loans this year has made a significant difference for an originator who has been working with us for some time now. How would you like to add 20 additional loans to your books in 8 months? You can! Start now and you can add that type of volume just like this originator.

We’d love to share your non-QM wins too! Partner with us today and start adding loans to your books.

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