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Call Us With A Loan Scenario For Our Solution

Do you have a challenging loan scenario that does not adhere to Agency guidelines? We get those loans a lot! In fact, saving deals and getting them closed quickly using non-QM is our specialty.

Here are few, out of many, that we have recently closed quickly:
  • $3 million Bank Statement refinance that went from submission to CTC in 10 business days. This borrower had already referred many people to this originator and it was important that this deal was in the right hands. It was sent to us and we delivered!
  • 12 Month Business Bank Statement purchase with many challenges. Another lender couldn’t get it done and it came to us with only 15 days to get it closed. We got it done even with an appraiser canceling last minute. No worries – we work with seven appraisal companies and managed a rush basis on a Saturday. Loan signed, funded and recorded on the closing date of contract.
  • Full doc Portfolio Select loan worked for an originator who presented us with a borrower who had mortgage lates and needed a payment shock exception. Portfolio Select is a great option for those with credit events. After analyzing all required documents, we were able to extend the exception and meet a tight deadline.

Our QuickQuote pricing tool offers a quick answer for any scenario.
You keep sending those scenarios to us and we will keep closing them!