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Borrowers Deserve Experts In Non-QM!

A challenging loan scenario that won’t qualify under conventional guidelines needs to be in the hands of the right lender. If you know your borrower falls under non-QM then work with a lender who only exclusively handles non-QM. It needs to be easy? OK. That’s another great reason to work with us!

We make it easy by providing the following services just for you!

  • Bank statement review team to calculate statements and tell you upfront where your borrower stands
  • Online closing scheduler so you choose the time and date of closing that best suits your client.
  • Marketing flyers and tools. Add your logo, contact information, download and send. You need to be an approved broker to have access. Not approved? Here is the link to become one.
  • Bank Statement, Non-Prime, Investor Cash Flow, Jumbo and other programs help self-employed, property investors, those with credit events and people wanting homes outside conventional price range. 

Choose the right lender to turn a challenge into an opportunity! Our record setting numbers and consistent awards confirm our leadership. Go to our Press Coverage page to read all about awards we have received recently.


Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?

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