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Be A Bank Statement Expert For Self-Employed Borrowers

Have you considered being an expert on Bank Statement Loans for self-employed people? If not, you should! Niche loan options are an excellent way to help people such as the self-employed achieve their dream of homeownership. 

When we talk to brokers about niche loan options many bring up how they help veterans through VA loans. Our response is always – that is great and there is a huge population of veterans needing those loans. There is also another huge population needing help with getting a home loan…self-employed borrowers! While we do not offer VA loans, we do offer an excellent Bank Statement program. We can help you close more loans marketing to another large credit-worthy population of people!

If you prospect for veterans, we recommend doing the same for self-employed people! Why? Compare the populations:

Self-employed people account for 30% of all employees in the U.S., which is around 18 million people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Veterans account for approximately 7% of the U.S. population, around 19 million people, according to the Census Bureau’s estimates for 2018.

The combined group makes up a lot of potential borrowers!

Talk to us about our Bank Statement program and HOW to help the self-employed borrower. We even have marketing materials for approved brokers. And our bank statement review team will completely review statements, analyze deposits and calculate income for you.

Our bank statement program now allows 24 months PERSONAL bank statements offering more flexibility for your borrower!

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