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Bank Statements Loans Are Cedric’s Go-To Non-QM Product

In partnership with National Mortgage Professional (NMP), we had the pleasure of interviewing Cedric Burke for their Non-QM Mastery video series. Cedric Burke, senior vice president of CrossCountry Mortgage, tells Andrew Berman host of Non-QM Mastery why our Bank Statement loan is his favorite non-QM loan product. It is an easy go-to and the product offers his borrowers a lot of flexibility. Listen to Cedric explain how utilizing Bank Statement loans increased his volume! 

Non-QM is currently in demand since more and more borrowers do not qualify for a traditional loan. The Agency space is currently shrinking and non-QM is where to turn to add volume. As well, having access to this product provides great value for real estate agents who can now help a wider range of clients who have been turned away in the past. This is a great tool to have and can increase your volume, all thanks to non-QM!

Cedric and many other originators know that non-QM is the source to turn to for new prospects, saving deals, and closing loans you otherwise would not have had. Be sure to check out the video below so you can learn how to close more non-QM too! 

Watch This Video And Learn Tips To Grow Your Business!

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