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Bank Statement Borrower Profile

Who Uses It?

Brokers with self-employed borrowers that include

  • 1099 earners
  • Jumbo borrowers
  • Self-employed Agency fall-out
  • Business owners

Our Bank Statement loan saves deals! 

  • We do not require tax returns.
  • Borrowers qualify using 12 or 24 months personal or business bank statements
  • Quick and EASY close due to our excellent service and guidelines.
  • Most loans now qualify off of a 50% standard expense factor. 
  • A bank statement review team reviews, analyzes, and calculates income for you.

We educate, advise and teach you to become a Bank Statement expert for your self-employed clients. 

  • We make loans that make sense.
  • Quick non-QM pricing: QuickQuote
  • In-house underwriting allows for timely updates.
  • Unbranded marketing flyers for approved brokers.

Bank Statement