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At A Business Growth Crossroad?

Margin compression is here and happening right now. Fannie Mae has warned that originators would need to prepare for margin compression in each of their quarterly Mortgage Lender Sentiment Surveys. Why? Refinance volume has dropped and profit margins are tighter. In fact, the Mortgage Bankers Association projects a 33% decline in mortgage originations in 2022 because of the decrease in refinance volume. 

Where are we now?
A crossroad! What direction do you go in now to grow your business? Many originators have already turned to non-QM years ago due to market challenges and it worked. They are adding an additional 4-5 loans a month using non-QM. They have already protected their referral base and volume growth. Will you follow? 

Not using Non-QM could mean a sacrifice – to you and your borrowers. 
First of all, Agency alone is not going to protect your volume growth next year.  Along with that, an increasing number of borrowers are relying on alternative loan products to purchase a home. Self-employed without tax returns, real estate investors wanting cash flow loans, borrowers who can’t qualify for Prime Jumbo, etc… These people represent a large population of borrowers. Helping them protects YOUR business growth. 

Survive Margin Compression!
Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions and non-QM can help you not only survive, but thrive even in today’s challenging market conditions.

Learn more about:

  • Bank Statement for self-employed
  • Non-QM Platinum Jumbo
  • Investor Cash Flow for real estate investors
  • Full Doc Portfolio Select for those less than seven years out of credit event

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