Are You Gritty Enough For Non-Agency Loans?

Angel Oak in MPA Magazine

Another  great article where Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is featured educating the mortgage industry on non-QM. Dennis Colon, regional vice president of sales, and Eric Morgenson, vice president of business development describes the profile of a non-QM borrower and where to find them. At this point, there should not be any question as to the safety and benefits of non-QM products. There is still doubt though and Dennis has categorized originators into categories of those who wanna do it, gotta do it, and won’t do it.  If you fall into one of these categories, by now you should feel confident jumping in and going for it, utilizing more non-QM options, or stop saying no and missing out on business others are glad they have. 

Eric makes an excellent point that our products are simply an add-on to the list of loans out there. We have options for most every borrower that falls outside of conventional such as self-employed, those with a credit event or investors. They all have unique situations but one thing remains consistent in regards to these borrowers – they all must prove their ability to repay their loan. The article states it and it’s worth repeating that these are some of the safest loans in the market that perform! Read the article here. Not sure where to start and how to prospect? Contact us and we will guide you through every step.

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