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HousingWire Interviews Angel Oak’s Tom Hutchens And Manish Valecha On Non-QM Lending

Tune in to HousingWire’s season finale of the podcast series, Housing News, where Tom Hutchens, the executive vice president of production at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, and Manish Valecha, the head of client solutions at Angel Oak Capital Advisors, discuss the non-QM landscape today.

In thirty minutes the episode covers investor and borrower demand for non-QM products, what led to the quick evaporation of the product in March 2020, what the lending markets would look like without non-QM offerings, recent CFPB news surrounding the QM Patch, and other updates and insights into non-QM originations and securitizations. 

On this podcast:

Tom Hutchens, EVP, Production | Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions 
Manish Valecha, Head of Client Solutions | Angel Oak Capital
Clayton Collins, CEO | HousingWire

Preview the podcast:

Hear the full podcast here.