Angel Oaks Q3 Record Growth

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Angel Oak’s Q3 press release is out and we could not be more pleased to announce another record-breaking quarter. The mortgage industry as a whole is on a decline. Prime refinances have slowed, interest rates are up and mortgage professionals are making changes based on a challenging market. Industry news tells of a shortfall in every segment except non-QM. Non-QM is the only segment in the market that is not only growing but crushing it month over month and year over year. This speaks to an absolute demand for our products. We have pioneered the resurgence of non-QM through our dedication to educating the industry on the safety and benefits of non-QM products. Inside Mortgage Finance stated that Angel Oak is the #1 nonbank originator of non-QM.

Not only have we grown in volume, we have added many people to our staff throughout the year based on the demand. There were 108 new hires in Q3 totaling 576 new employees this year. We have never been stronger!

Check out these highlights from our press release:

·         Total of $664MM in Originations in Q3

·         A Phenomenal YoY Gain of 153% from Q3 2017

·         Increase of 30% MoM from Q2 2018

·         2018 YTD total is $1.53B and Growing

Brokers, loan officers, borrowers and Realtors across the country are working with Angel Oak because they understand that these loans are good, responsible loans and we offer the best products and services in the industry. We hear time and again how our company has helped many grow their bottom line and add to their book of business. There is a significant market that exists who need these products to buy a home. For instance, there are around 15 million self-employed individuals in the U.S and growing. There are is a large population of borrowers with great assets and income who have endured a credit event or foreclosure ready for homeownership again. These borrowers make it to the closing table thanks to non-QM products.

We hold safe lending standards to a very high level adhering to all regulations mandating borrowers prove their ability to pay their loan. Our loans are not underwritten by a computer but looked at individually by an underwriter who reviews all documentation. Non-QM loans are processed and closed as quickly as conventional loans. 

We make it easy for you to market non-QM. In fact, while you are on our site take a look at the customizable marketing materials we have for your business use. Our partners use them to market to real estate agents, attorneys and other mortgage professionals to promote our programs and the availability of non-QM in the market. This is how we continue our success by providing excellent customer service, resources, and innovative loan products. Read the article for more information on our growth and the benefits of why you should add non-QM now!

Use non-QM and start announcing your own phenomenal growth! Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?


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