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Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions Automates the Pre-Qual Process

 Quick Qual Tutorial Blog Post

Easier and faster are definitely words to describe working with Angel Oak this year. We recently announced the launch of QuickQual which significantly increases the ease and speed of determining borrower loan eligibility. Now loan officers do not have to wait 24 hours for an answer – they receive one in two minutes. We worked with LoanScorecard for a customized solution for our clients. It is our own system for non-QM synchronized with our processes and account executives.

When an LO submits information, uploads a 3.2 loan data file and reissues credit not only do they receive an answer within two minutes but their account executive does as well. This way the AE can get to work immediately and handle any issues that arise from the beginning. This is our way of making it more personalized and tending to excellent customer service we are known for in the industry. A quick close is always our goal and this helps speeds the process making non-QM as efficient and fast as a conventional loan.

Read more in the press release from Housing Wire here.

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