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An Update On Our Exciting Changes

There are a lot of changes in the market which means we have quickly made changes too. We are delivering on the need for non-QM by offering Bank StatementInvestor Cash Flow (DSCR) and Platinum Jumbo

We’ve also made exciting changes to our Bank Statement Program: 

  • Rates lowered across all LTV buckets (as much as 1.375%!)
  • LTVs now as high as 80%
  • Expense ratios can be down to 30%
  • Reduced reserve requirements
  • Now offering Cash-Outs! 

In addition, we are meeting the market demand for help with Agency business by now offering Agency loans. In case you missed it, for the month of May, our rates include a new 25 basis points (bps) incentive for all purchase scenarios.

We know you need to get moving so use our technology for quick pricing:


What hasn’t changed? Our commitment to excellent customer service and offering products to help deserving borrowers purchase homes.

Contact your account executive for more details regarding non-QM and Agency products.