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Alysse Prosnick Joins NMPs Mortgage Banking’s Most Powerful Women Roundtable Discussion

Alysse Prosnick, SVP of Operations at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, had the honor of being asked to join a panel of women known to be experts in the mortgage industry. The criteria for choosing the women for the roundtable discussion were those who are “Pioneers, Leaders, and Innovators” according to NMP. Alysse definitely fits as she embodies all of these characteristics.

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We felt it would be a prime opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s most powerful women to share their perspectives on some of the industry’s most pressing topics. Some of the words that came to mind when selecting our panel were “Pioneer, Leader, Innovator,” and we are proud to present their thoughts on some of the industry’s hottest topics, from catering to emerging markets, to the Milliennial marketplace, to making in it a male-dominated profession. Join us as today’s female leaders in the mortgage profession share their thoughts in this exclusive feature in NMP magazine.

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