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Jaye Hohman

Account Executive

Account Manager

David Salim

Jaye Hohman began his Wall Street career brokering US Treasuries in the bond pits at The World Trade Center in 1996. He continued to broker corporate and residential mortgage-backed securities on institutional fixed income trading desks at two primary dealers. Jaye provided bespoke structured mortgage investments designed to meet the asset and liability management requirements of the largest banks and credit unions throughout the country. He eventually ran several mortgage derivative trading desks and served as Vice President of Securitization and Syndication as well as Senior Vice President, Head of Structured Products with regional dealers in New York City.

Since 2014, Jaye has worked with retail and wholesale residential mortgage lenders in Dallas. He has originated and managed teams, including managing entire sales teams through acquisitions and transitioning staff to work from home throughout 2020.

Jaye’s range of experience in the mortgage industry provide a cohesive understanding of Angel Oak’s products and services. His role here is to provide wholesale lending solutions for mortgage brokers throughout the country who have borrowers that may not qualify for conventional residential real estate loans.  His expertise offer a useful perspective when determining which Angel Oak alternative loan products will be suitable for borrowers’ scenarios.

Please contact Jaye to discuss wholesale loan programs with Angel Oak.

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