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Charles Haney

Senior Account Executive

To every problem there is a solution.

– Charles Haney's Mother
Account Manager

Melissa Zechiel

Charles Haney is a wholesale mortgage Account Executive with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. Charles is an expert in non-QM mortgage lending and serves as a reliable consultant supporting mortgage brokers and correspondents in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area.

Charles has over 17 years in the real estate and non-QM space. When asked what he loves about Angel Oak he says, “we are committed to doing good business! At Angel Oak, customer service is not a platitude but an attitude. We understand the investment we make in helping our customers grow their business, the byproduct is we grow ours. With our robust marketing department and continued education, we make it easy to differentiate both loan officers and account executives.”

Charles has a wide array of career experience that lends to his success in the industry. He entered the business in 2001 as a management trainee in Countrywide’s CHLU program. This allowed him to work in every department in the industry from processing, underwriting, origination to loss mitigation both wholesale and retail. He learned that he truly enjoys and excels as an account executive. We could not agree more!

His hobbies include fishing and Barbecue Pit Mastery. In fact, cooking for family and friends is a passion and a pleasure. His favorite sports team is the Golden State Warriors and as a Jazz enthusiast his favorite band is the Pat Metheny Group.

Charles knows first-hand that utilizing non-QM can grow your business and keep your pipelines full. For more information on our rates and mortgage programs, please use our QuickQuote tool or fill out the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

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