Client Testimonials

“I really am speechless. I have never worked with such an amazing team in my life. I just have no idea how you got this done for me, but I cannot express enough how appreciative I am. You bent over backwards and I didn’t think that happened anymore. Angel Oak Team, you rocked my world. You made me look so good!! You made this a priority when I know you didn’t have to at all.”

Kat Martin, Senior Loan Officer
Hamilton Group Funding, Inc.


“We’re able to get people into homes that normally would have to wait for 5 or 7 more years before they could buy. And using Angel Oak’s products we can get them into a house now and no other lender can get that done.”

Kelly Weston, Senior Loan Officer
Options Mortgage Services, LLC


“For everyone, I can’t thank you all enough. You really pulled this off! This was a breakthrough builder and while they have their own in-house lender, that lender doesn’t have the programs [you] have at Angel Oak. Besides that, I proved to my Realtor that despite the odds (unreachable borrower, extremely busy and non-responsive builder title company, uncooperative insurance agent and some Encompass technical difficulties with docs sent but not received, etc.) we did it!!”

Celia T. Lucente, Senior Loan Officer
East Coast Mortgage Lenders


“I wanted to thank all of you for the excellent job you did to get our file closed on time. I am grateful for all your hard work as another transaction was dependent on this file closing by the 28th. I am very appreciative of the access I had yesterday to your closer, Ms. Taylor. She was available to give me answers and options.”

Linda Coalwell, Senior Mortgage Advisor
Finance of America


“I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you both how much I appreciate your efforts on getting this transaction closed! It’s nice to know we have a make sense non-prime option with the breadth of support Angel Oak offers. Please let the rest of your team know as well.”

Shaun Whiteman, Branch Manager
Absolute Mortgage


“So having those different [Angel Oak] product options to fit what your consumer is going to need really opens up the amount of consumers that you can help. But it also makes you unique in your market because you’re able to do something when other…[LOs] would say no.”

Jason Myers, Founder & Owner
Carolina Lending Group


“Thank you so much, you have all been a pleasure to work with!! You have made ‘brokering’ a loan so easy!”

Kelly Dillon, Loan Processor III
HomeStreet Bank


“I wanted to thank you so much for your help on [our] file. We are Clear to Close and the CD has been signed. I want to give Brook, David, and the Closing Department a HUGE thank you also. This one was on a time crunch with my buyers living in a hotel. Everyone stepped in to make this happen and we are all forever grateful to the entire Angel Oak team!”

Scarlett Malpass Tassone, VP, Mortgage Banker


“You guys have been amazing and we all appreciate it!! I just spoke to the borrower and he’s sending me the signed CD shortly. He did get it yesterday so thank you for all the rushes!! You have helped us to avoid displacing 3 families so we are more grateful than you realize.”

Steve Glover, Mortgage Consultant
RedStone Mortgage


“It’s a simple phone call [to Angel Oak] and saying ‘Hey this is a situation – can you guys get it done?’ And every time [Angel Oak] has said they can get it done, they have.”

Quentin Weston, Senior Loan Officers
Peoples Mortgage Company